eBay tools


eBay ...

Buying is pretty straight forwardAll I can say is "Snipe" it!

Selling is where things get more challenging

All about pictures!


I've tried several background colors including chroma types and I find black works great for gold, pennies and all around results but not good for reflective coins. My favorite over time is simply white.  I also use colored card stock in large sheets that work great too!

The white background sort of makes the nuggets float but is harder for me to get the coloring right. Though I still like the white.


Clamp and reflector housings were about $5 each at Home Depot. Daylighter bulbs at 5500k on sale for about $4 each run cool! Finding the best lighting angles can be quite a challenge! Milk jugs cut and put over the lamps as diffusers vs. a diffuser box/tent. A white garbage bag also works for diffusing light.

All the light in the world doesn't replace using a good solid camera mount.

A light-box is great for making things look like they are floating.

New Lights (a crazy idea but it works)

  • Flexible tube from USB light $1ea
  • CREE 7090 XR-E LED R2 cool white (for flashlight) $8ea
  • Max output: 300 lumen
  • Input voltage: 3.0-12.6v
  • Diameter: 26.5mm
  • Max LED current 350mA (Cree spec sheet)

I tried these in a USB hub but they were dim. Directly to the 5V 1A adaptor only drives 1 at full.

A 5V battery pack drives 2 at full. So... 2 led is more than 1A or adaptor is over rated

With a 5V 10A supply ($15) all 4 LED are bright 
They get pretty warm when left on for a while.


Some cameras are more suited for close ups and such, than others. Computer control of the camera is a great time saver, but eye-fi works ok too!

Mega-pixels! ... pretty much doesn't matter when taking photo's for web display... even a cell phone camera has enough for most web pictures. Clear & Focused is the target for good pictures ... so of course that pretty much rules out all but some recent cell phones as a viable camera option... Always use a tripod and shy away from using the built in flash (most of the time).

Shipping... can sure be a royal pain!

A scale is needed for putting in the shipping calculator weight values ($20-30).  A good supply of shipping boxes & envelopes purchased in bulk can turn $1 into 20c and that adds up after a few 100 auctions.

FYI... Free half sheet UPS labels work great with PayPal shipping!

All this makes dropping packages off for shipping a relatively quick ordeal with no lines to deal with at the post office.

Listing... well... lots of options but I use the free turbo lister because it gets the job done and runs locally on my own computer. 

Edit photo's, usually just crop and resize. Then I stage pictures and comments in a html page that is published to the web. The html from that is what I use to paste into turbo lister. By using my own web to host pictures it saves in listing fees.

Basic Tools

Tripod/mount of some sort (use one), Computer, Camera 2Mp or better, Milk jugs and garbage bags for light diffusers, Scale, Packing Materials (save all boxes!) 

After all is said and done ... making much of anything ... on pretty much anything ... is a ton of work and a bit hard to figure one could actually turn a livable wage for very long! Fun little hobby and sure does help folks out for some things we all have tucked away!