HDR with movement

The following example shows how shooting a bracketed set of shots can work with normal everyday pictures.

I put on my biggest zoom, turned my camera mode to Aperature priority and set bracketing to 5 @ 1.0 but forgot it was still in jpg mode. Oh well that's ok for showing that bracketing and HDR is useful for pictures with some movement. The blown out white rock of this set shows where or why the bracketed range of shots was useful in capturing details the camera sensor couldn't capture in just one frame. 

Here you can see the 5 shots where only 1 of them has good detail in the quarts rock under the robin's feet. Of course in that dark frame, the shadow details were lost. Focal length @ 35mm equivilent was about 600mm and the folowing exposure compensations are -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 using camera selected shutter speeds.


The shots were sent to Photomatix for combining the details captured in each frame to make one picture that better represents what I saw. Since there was movement, I had to draw a rough circle around the bird and pick a deghost frame that I liked best.

I generally start at default and turn down white a good bit and turn up black a touch. For me this usually achives a mostly natural looking picture.

The key for me here, was getting the lost detail in the rock and shadows to show up in one picture. Using HDR helped achive that and can be a very simple in and out processing task that doesn't require much thought or expertise for good results.

Another bracketed set  (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2) 



This set really didn't need bracketing because frame 0 didn't have any real losses over or under. The thing about this set is that it shows how well the selected frame deghosting works in Photomatix and that bracketed shots can be used even when there is motion. In the following HDR the tree bark is from the + frames (bird gone), the bird is from frame 0 and the - frames really didn't add value to the set but thrown in anyhow.

The following settings show starting at default on the left and an example of somewhere near the above HDR'd settings on the right.