11 was a year for home maintenance.

It was time for new roofing… I was running out of repair shingles. Blow-offs more frequent recently. All the plastic vents had cracks (I sealed a couple times). The good news is that after tearoff there were no damage repairs.

IMG 1010
IMG 0960

I went back and forth with what type of roofing to replace with… metal was the first choice but decided no.

IMG 1008

New flooring laundry room

IMG 1059

The laundry room got painted after the flooring was put down.

New carpet bedroom

Carpet2011 002
Carpet2011 003
Carpet2011 004

After the carpet the bathroom also got painted

Front hose bib leaked around January and got it stopped until the roofers turned the water on. Had it replaced. The rear bib started acting up over the summer and got replaced in September.