The office keeps changing, with technology I guess.

IMG 1025

Started with two old desks. Then a corner desk replaced one of the old desks.

An old oak coffeetable top joined the two for a room wrapping work surface.

When I got a flat panel monitor, it started me thinking that shallower work surfaces would open up the center of the room.


I started doing eBay a lot and the office space just wasn't easy to set up a time saving workflow and organize inventories.

That's when everything was stripped out and I looked for low cost white surfaced materials. Desk depths were reduced by a good 8 to 10 inches plus set right against the walls with round holes cut to allow cables through. They were cut from one big sheet and joined in the center with metal plates underneath.

All total the materials were about the same as a decent corner or wall desk system but tons more usable space.

I used file cabinets to support the main part of the work surface and attached the ends to a cabinet on one side and a bookshelf on the other with a simple strip for support along the walls.

Sort of odd to me that a whole prebuilt bookshelf can be purchased for less than the price of raw linear foot shelving stock.  

Again these prebuilt cabinets were less than what raw materials went for. 

Let the hillbilly construction begin! Adding things as I find them here's more shelves between the corner and cabinet. The materials from another shelving kit because the price! Plus the board sizes were just about perfect.

The other corner also got one of those pre-made units.

More pieces from the extra shelf used to make additional shelving

Selling stuff on eBay was going good! 

Here's an example of coins being staged for getting pictures and then listing for sale. 

IMG 0763

I no longer run multiple computers and monitors… they've all been sold on craigslist. 

The following pictures show some of the multimonitor configurations I've run over time.

Got a 30" cinema display to try for awhile… I liked it! no real need to run multiples with one of those...

IMG 0866
IMG 0789

Here's a transitions picture just before where windows PC's went to a single iMac and virtuals… I continue to downsize, simplify and reduce the space needed for a dedicated office. I no longer run multiple monitors as I find the 27" display plenty for most things.

Now that I seldom sell stuff on eBay and my shelves are mostly bare of inventory, I'm thinking about stripping all that out of the room and going back to a very simple desk. The setup has served its purpose but the time it takes to sell on eBay vs. profits is hardly worth the effort.