iPhone 5


I wated 2yrs for 4G in an iPhone. Really bummed me out when the 4S came out without 4G. 

Too much money on a 3G device when 4G was starting to roll out! We roll into 2013 with full LTE in the valley but 4G varients were active all through 2012. Droid phones were the only devices capable of using these services. 

The 5 is really nice but would rather have kept the shorter length.

My story is that I went down to the Apple store on opening day very late and they had a white 64 left. Oh, well … I wanted black but ok not a big deal. I think I got the 2nd or 3rd to last one sold that day at the Apple store.

Camera mount and macro/wide angle lens kit … just because I'm finding that I like using its camera for eBay, Craigslist and panoramic pictures. Sure it's not as good as a proper camera but it's no slouch either.

My tripod mount choice was the "Alm mCAMLITE Starter Kit for iPhone 5" 

I was surprised at the solid thick aluminum body when I took it out of the box. There's 4 spots to mount a tripod shoe or directly mount to a tripod without QR plate. 

The wide angle lens is considerable as can be seen with these two shots at approximately same distance:



Above is an example of the Macro. The distance was not the same with these; the blurry one was a couple inches away where focus was right on the edge of locking. The focused picture was with the lens kit right smack up against the box.