Gold Nuggets

I do not have gold for sale at this time.

If you have natural gold nuggets for sale I may be able to help you sell them. See Contact me

Gold Nugget Pictures

The following is from an auction set I ran on eBay for some small flakes. Surprising to me is even past the sarcasm the auctions finished well above spot price of pure gold!

Natural Specimen Gold Nuggets

1 Gram Placer Nugget Pile

A whopping pile of nugget flakes straight from the gold fields of eBay! The size and volume can be clearly imagined while viewing the exaggerated macro zoomed photos. A massive pile that tips the scale at 15.4 grains.  Yes, you heard right, GRAIN, NOT grams!  Oh, but do look how impressive they appear against the 1/32, 1/16 inch and mm ruler edges for a grand total span of about an inch!  You should have seen these nuggets drop through a #6 screen and right past a #20 mesh too, finally coming to rest comfortably on top of the #40 screen. Please take a moment to marvel at the character in each of these ancient gems!  My, the stories I'm sure they could tell!

My story says they come from Idaho and I'm sticking to it!

Each of these fabulous one of a kind natural nugget flakes, as pictured here, looks just like the next gram when all put together like this. So, the picture you see here is of just one of the gram lots that were made up. If a reused photo leaves you needing more of a personal touchy feel ... Just think about the effort it took digging dirt, sluicing/panning this gold, and then the picture taking of these meticulously spread out flakes into their most impressive pose. Oh, and don't forget the screening & weighing process too! You can be assured the extra mile went into bringing you these fine nugget flakes. 

Please go back an read this description over very slowly a couple of times before purchase.  Please shop around for comparison sake! I want you to be completely happy and satisfied, should you purchase.  Last but not least, check the posted weight in listings and don't try to count up the meaningless 1/16 marks that are often given to determine value. This listing for 15.4gn (grain) or 1g (gram) is not much, but about 31 of these makes a Troy Ounce (ozt).

To put this gram in a bit of perspective: The most gold I've recovered in one day without a beeper stick is right at a gram just like you see here.  Now that's morning till night for the most part filling up a bucket with screened dirt and feeding into a recirculation sluice and then either running the concentrates through a spiral wheel or panning it down and snuffing out the gold to a separation level as shown in the pictures.

So, all in all, this 1 gram of gold depicts a full day's worth of work for a prospector such as myself on a very lucky day!

Here I offer you the opportunity to help fund a days worth of digging by buying one of these gram samples! Now, remember of course that a gram doesn't even come close to covering gas, food or whatever for the day but hey ... something healthy to do!