RC 10 & Bolink

This is a very large set or collection of remote control car racing items.

RC-10 with composite pan ... This is a super nice dirt buggy!

Bolink Circle track Car (so Fast)!

Oodles of tires & rims - Some new! 

Chargers - Pro Tech multi, Tekin reflex and Buds 4 way trickle

 Extra transmissions - Team tuned Stock & MIT + trick one in the RC-10 

Extra Motors - stock to screaming fast 



Gears Galore 64, 48 & 32 pitch sets ... about every available combination! 


Nuts, Bolts, dog-bone shafts, swivel links, you name it! 

Composite Pan

   Stock pan 


Bolink's chassis & BBS Black dots.  Pure speed! 

Many RC-10 parts - probably enough for at 2 cars.

A number of different crystals to ensure race availability! 

Accessory tackle box chocked full.

 Another tackle box stuffed with more must have racing items!

Ready to go racing