1991 Mustang GT

This was an odd purchase… was said to be a demo vehicle and turned out it was a test car. Got a call from the dealer a few weeks after and they were trying to buy it back from me. Long story short… I ended up keeping it. Under the skirting you could see where an air dam had been mounted for track testing. 

This car was fast… 1/4 or 1/2mi  … very few stock vehicles could take it. Against a ZR1 I had a car length at 1/4mi and at the 1/2mi mark he was in the rear view. 

I never did top this thing out as it would start to float over 160mph and that's just scary. 

When it was time to get rid of it… (3 sets of tires later) … I had trouble trading it in for what I wanted out of it as they said it was modified. Well, chuckle… yes, but it was factory mods… Finally at one place after checking things out at, they surprisingly offered me more than I was asking.