2004 Ford F150

The 2004 F150 was the redesign and we really liked it! Driving it was what sold it. Got this to replace the Jeep TJ because it simply didn't have enough room to carry the gear.

The list of modifications was really long and I finally gave up trying to make it pull like a diesel. The decision was when I noted the tranny was incrementally loosing it's ability to hold lockup. Wouldn't have been a big deal if I didn't have everything else in the drivetrain modded! The 4.56 gears, electric fans, UD Pullies, intake, exhaust with custom tune made this a very lively ride!

What took weeks to install came off in one long day to return just about everything back to stock except the gears. I sold all the parts to recoup about 60% and got a crazy good trade-in deal.

Some parts...

Differential Cover for extra cooling - By: PML Incorporatedyourcovers.com

G-TechPro RR gtechpro.com A fun little gadget ... Finally used it once!

Superchips Custom Tuning Xcalibrator

It sort of looks archaic compared to the Predator but it works so much better for regular driving!  At WOT it is quite similar in SOTP feel.

I've played with the Predator constantly and have never been able to get shift characteristics below WOT quite right.  This one with Troyer tunes worked better than I expected ... no need to tinker!

Short little stubby antenna so it doesn't hit the garage overhead anymore!!! The twang ... twa'bub'bub'dut-whawawa is gone! Can't believe I listened to that at least twice a day for over a year!

Air Force One Intake Kit  http://airforceoneperformance.com

Very excellent! It is/was loud though…So… I did some AF1 noise tuning

Scanguage http://www.scanguage.com

Ugly but works great!  Worth its weight in gold! Silly they don't just come with this! 

Roadmaster Active Suspension http://www.activesuspension.com intriguing! Took me 1 long afternoon to install. I run it sprung looser now than the instructions say (tight dime vs. quarter). With the looser adjustment you can't tell it's even there! Neat gadget ... does the trick at keeping the truck level with the trailer hooked up after the front spacers and all.

Dual Electric Fan Kit from TroyerPerformance Combined with the UD Pulleys for a grand total of 3 evenings and part of an afternoon so by itself would be 1 day and half an evening for 2 non-wrench head people.

Underdrive Pulley's and Gatorback Serpentine Belt 102" from TroyerPerformance. This one was tough to get the crank pulley bolt out! It took 1.5 evenings with 2 people.  A big thanks to Troy for all the help! 

4/5 AutoSpring leveling kit 1.5". 

Corsa Touring Cat Back Exhaust http://www.corsaperf.com/ford.htm VERY Mild, mostly near stock sound w/touring kit that fit perfect (about 1hr w/2 person install). 

Diablo Sport Predator Tuner (U7151) Needed this to calibrate computer for gears. 

Served a purpose ... still a good data logger tool but will use the Xcal tunes from here on out! Never could get less than WOT shifts dialed in quite right

Prodegy Brake controller: www.tekonsha.com (Major Tire and Hitch). This is the coolest brake controller!

A gear change, Yup! 4.56 pumpkin stuff'n's! (Jim's Drive Train). A real wake up!

4/3/04 BFG AT KO 285/70/17 ... all 5

Leer Topper 100XL Ordered Nov03 and new body production finally got here for a Jan inst

Bed Rug http://www.bedrug.com  It's 1 1/2 yrs old in this pic ... after its first vacuum! 

Shocks: Bilsteins from eshocks.com

Towing Mirrors: Slip-on's from the f150store.com and these work great! Couldn't find any 6-way power replacements like I used to have on my previous truck. Now some are available! ttt-mirror.com