2005 Dodge Ram 2500 CTD QCab

2005 was the last of the NV5600 6 speed handshakers. I tried the new G56 tranny as it first started hitting the lots and it worried me. Anyway… got a great offer on a remaining stock 05.

Faced with some tell tale signs that the F150 tranny was starting to show issue of decline based on log data we decided that a real truck was needed for pulling the Toy Hauler. Sometimes I wish it was a long bed but then it wouldn't fit in the garage.

Put on a Topper: ARE Z Series 

Put in a Prodegy brake controller and Smoothy Cup console

30180 Propod cup holder (Smoothie) genosgarage.com

Smoothie not so smooth! Couldn't figure out why the lid wouldn't latch! Cut ~1/2" of the plastic pocket away for latch handle room!

Full wheel well liners

Fender liner Mopar part number 82207367  makeitmopar.com
Winter Radiator Cover Mopar part number ???  makeitmopar.com

Winter Blanket

It pulls much better than the F150 for sure!

Pictures of day 1

Camper Hauling Mods/Parts