2006 Toyota Rav4

The 4Runner was gutless and even though it had low miles, it was time to replace it. This 2006 Rav4 with the V6 had a long wait for order and this purchase was timing/luck. We drove many like vehicles and didn't like the 2wd 4cyl of this new Rav4 body style for this year. 

Found this one out back of a dealer just off the truck the night before with body shield stickers all over it… We waited at the dealer door for them to open Sunday morning and asked to drive it. Well, this is a kick to drive! Short story, 2 month purchase backlog on this new model, keeping it short… we drove this one home. 

The 4wd and AWD traction control system in this is great! But… it doesn't disable so there's no way to just go rip it up for fun.