2007 Jeep KJ (Liberty)


This was great to drive in any condition! Excellent on trails and very car'like maners on the highway.  A really perfect rig … but… there were other factors to the story.


Got it used at 12,800mi. Shortly after put a mild BDS Lift and Cooper Discoverer STT Tires on it to man it up a little.

Went to the shop about every 2k after

Multiple times for transfer case and one was pretty much a rebuild that come to find out on the next service wasn't completely filled with oil afterward.

Next big item was transmission a known problem with the pickup splitting. I question the simple replacement of the pickup thinking maybe the damage is already done and just a matter of time before other issues start to surface. Because shortly after warrantee expired the transmission acted up again. 

Some of the other issues fixed under warrantee; cabin fan, partial wire harness, sensor, rear window actuator (known issue).

When the tranny acted up that one day, past it's 3yr mark, I figured it had to go before the issue became repeatable and expensive to fix. It just wasn't worth more hassles … turned out to net near purchase price no matter how numbers are crunched so a good choice. 

I got to observe it being for sale for almost a year and then where it was regularly parked by new owner. Then its parking spot was replaced with an old toyota car after a few months. I can only guess that some issue like the tranny caused it to be sold or traded again. 

Ok... what was I thinking? ... A Liberty? Wow... furthest from my mind in choices!

Well... as it turns out there are VERY few choices for small "real" 4x4's with a low range offered!  Considered the small 4dr pickups with topper too... but SUV all one compartment a better fit for intended use. Had a TJ for 5yrs and loved it ... but ... there was just ever so slightly not enough room for inside stuff (length). The Liberty fits everything perfect! Took a tape measure when looking to make sure common long items would fit.

Final top serious choices ended up being FJ Cruiser, XTerra, 2dr Unlimited (initial 1st choice) and Liberty.

  • The Grand Vitara with low range 4x4 availability scarce, too low and not many lift options.
  • The Kia Sportage slipped by untried... but I later found out that it did, at one time, have low range
  • The 2dr Unlimited was just about nowhere to be found? Didn't get an official answer if they even make them anymore? Drove a couple used 2drs and they had real handling issues on the highway never made it to the dirt!
  • The 4dr Unlimited was pretty cool ... but too big.
  • The FJ high priced and bigger than needed (though very nice on & off-road manners).  Not a real 4dr and not easy to get in/out especially the rear seats.  Not level w/seats down and hard plastic that is dog paw slippery.
  • The XTerra priced right but also bigger than needed ... lift rear with a fixed (doesn't open) window!  A little personal hang-up is the filler door on the "wrong" side ...
  • Tried several Liberties to include the 2008 redesign (new to the lot) ... personally I liked the handling of the former models tested.  Also the 08 has a lift rear ... wanted swing type.