2010 C & B Utility Trailer

Looked for a utility trailer with sides and a ramp gate in the back for a few weeks. Most used ones were not much less than new. Very few had a HD 3500lb axle. Well, this one was quite a drive and when we hooked up the lights, they didn't work! Long story short, a couple hours later we hooked up a temporary magnetic light harness. All good until we did a final check before pulling out. The lights flickered on and then nothing! 

A few days later they dropped the trailer off at the house with the lights working.


5x8 Trailer 

Looks like a good trailer to me, I guess time will tell.

Quick water seal on the planks

On my turf… I inspected the lights and what he did with wiring. Field fixes etc… certainly not up to my standards. Quite simply it gets some new wire and LED lights. Hopefully I'll never see another issue with lights again.