2010 Toyota FJCruiser

After many issues with the Liberty and more problems after the warantee end, it was replaced by this 2010 FJCruiser.

2010 Black Friday and what a sale! First time we saw the white and wow what an offer it was…

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Top row of the button panel:

  • Rear Differential Lock
  • Active Traction Control
  • Subwoofer On/Off

Bottom row of the button panel:

  • Power Outlet Main
  • Parking Assist

Button Slots left of wheel

  • RSCA  (Roll Sensing Curtain Airbags)

Some of the Options

  • DRL (Daytime Running Lights)
  • Alloy Wheel Package
  • 400w AC inverter
  • Backup Camera
  • Parking Assist (rear sensors)
  • 9 speaker audio system w/sub
  • iPod Interface
  • Towing Receiver Hitch
  • Roof Rack

I'm a bit mixed with the DRL as they are always on! Will probably never use the AC inverter. The audio system is good but not great! I like the backup camera with in mirror display, though the tire cover blocks a good bit of the camera's view.

It's a nicer rig on or off road than my Liberty or Wrangler.


  • Program one button unlock no beep
  • Anytime rear camera display
  • Pwr back & rear side windows


Console open well cover (roll top) from http://www.industrialforming.com

VentVisors by Wade



ScanGaugeII gives MPG, not included with my factory display.

Kit with extender cable and bracket mount was only a few $ more than just the gage with standard cable.

Misc FJ Stuff