Micro Four Thirds (Olympus E-P3)

IMG 0421

I have been looking for a new camera after selling my Canon 7D. I went back and forth with mirror-less options between APS-C and Four/Thirds. The MFT got me because; smaller lens sizes and with the Olympus's body based IS, the lenses are again slightly smaller.

Big zoom has been something I wanted along with shooting options like bracketing (this has many), raw (lucky support didn’t take too long following release) and easy to carry! I came to the conclusion there wasn’t a pocket camera that could meet my expectations ... so this was the first camera that met most of what I wanted. 

The touch screen is really nice ... just tap where you want focus and if set, it shoots the shot too! Wow... the focus is fast!

Of course there’s always additional things needed!

A couple extra batteries for sure… Cable shutter actuator - a $4 knock off that works good after some connector trimming. Then I figured the Wide Angle & Macro adaptors for stock lens might be interesting since there’s a menu setting for them. I don't like the wide angle adaptor, but the macro converter works great and fits the 14-150mm lens! It comes apart to fit the hood mount perfectly providing a much reduced minimum focus. A slip on 70mm cover makes this very slim for keeping on-hand in a bag.

Telephoto lens: Olympus 75-300mm smallest and lightest anywhere in the world. This works great but is really telephoto even at 75mm! Perfect for when a big zoom is needed… A bit slow at f/4.8-6.7 means it won't stop movement in lower light conditions.

Uses 58mm filters and LH-61E hood. 

The coolest thing here is the VF-2 electronic viewfinder! I discovered while trying to take pictures at Homedale parade, that the new daylight bright screen can be difficult to see in direct sunlight. This viewfinder is easy to use and works great!

Well, it’s like this... 14-42mm is just not quite enough reach and I’m not a fan of the box lens lock thingy.  

So ... the 14-150mm lens, a little bigger but it works normal and 28-300mm equivalent is pretty good span for most picture taking tasks I face. I find sharpness to be similar to the kit lens with a much greater reach. This stays mounted the most, it takes 58mm filters, f4-5.6, doesn't macro focus without adaptor and while it isn't perfect, it is the closest to an everything lens I've found.

A fast lens is nice to have and it was a tough decision on what "one" fast lens to buy! The MFT choices I considered were; 25mm f/1.4, 20mm f/1.7 and 12mm f/2.0. Wide angle I thought would be most useful because it is usually easy to get closer if needed, but in small spaces not possible to get farther away. The other factor was that the other choices were Panasonic lenses and this was Olympus.

This takes 46mm filter, LH-48 hood and has min aperture of f/22.

This 12mm is excellent! 

Time goes on and I found a good deal on a 45mm f/1.8 Lens with hood (35mm equivalent of 90mm). It is plastic vs. metal like the 12mm. I like the 12mm so much but it is just a bit too wide for shots where barrel attributes detract from a shot. This takes a tiny 37mm filter and  LH-40B Lens Hood.

This 45mm is perfect for outdoor shots where you have room to frame a shot. Works great in low light too.

Now these 2 lenses have me spoiled for sharpness, size and speed. Hum… what about the 75mm? 

Ok found a very lightly used 75mm f/1.8 with hood. Nice! Works great for bringing things in close without getting in somebody's face. Very sharp and fast.

The jump from 12mm to 45mm is pretty big so I'll probably consider something in-between sometime down the road.

Seldom needed but nice to have a flash built in. 

Bracketing really requires a remote trigger so that the camera doesn't move during the set.

Here's the 75-300mm lens mounted and other parts'n'pieces

32gb SDHC UHS-1

SDHC Class 6 is ok but there are some pauses at times that are most notable when shooting raw+jpg. The Eye-Fi card is still used the most as you just can't beat the simplicity of file transfer. 

For speed and large storage, I opted for the fastest option at the time with SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I. I have yet to notice a slowdown with this memory card.

ThinkTank Digital Holster 10 V2.0 is my favorite way to carry the camera. It snugly fits the camera with the electronic viewfinder mounted with even my longest lens without extending the bag. I can drop the bottom of the bag to carry additional gear like the 12mm lens.  

Extra Batteries in the side zipper pouch, Macro adaptor slips in the outside stretchy slot. Memory cards in the lid holder. 

This bag fits the E-P3 with a long lens better than any other options I've seen. 

Well… I've had this camera for awhile now and pondered another body. The day Oly announced a new MFT series body, my sniper scored a used silver kit with extra batteries. Not a mark on it … looks new.