I've been through more than my share of computers! My first introduction to a computer was the TRS-80 I used in military supply. The first one I bought was an 8088 from a Costco or like place. It worked great but the monitor died just before the year warentee was up, so the new 286 based computer became its replacement. This type of cycle continues today with computers and OS's … For some reason computers sort of tickled my fancy and I've stayed with them for work and play since. 

I would rather use a digital file of a video than use a disk in a player. My first computer connected Blu-Ray drive also read HD-DVD disks as the war hadn't been won yet. My disks come out of their package just once to be ripped off to storage. Getting HD digital content onto the TV is getting better and easier every year. One thing here to note is BD disks rips average a bit over 40GB in image size so that adds up quickly. 

In the last 7 years I've gone from requiring multiple 15A circuits down to a few hundred watts for average computing consumtion. Now (2011) I only have 1 standalone monitor for work and everything else run from an all-in-one iMac computer. I do still use a Windows 7 PC for Home Theater (HTPC) to play/view BD content on the TV.

AnyDVD is the best program I've used to date for ripping video disks. It is the only program I've not been able to replace with something that works well as a native OSX application. So I run AnyDVD in a virtual XP instance to rip  media and on the HTPC for viewing.

At one time my desk was full of monitors … now not so much as downsizing just leaves 2.