iPod Touch 64GB & Classic 160GB

Odd for me to get another iPod player … long story short, I've not been a fan of iTunes.

But my new vehicle had an iPod port … so… I just had to get something to connect to it! This turns out to be a nice little device.

I got a clear skin from Bodyguardz and used cling wrap to hold the edges in place for drying. I don't think I've seen one of these covers turn out so perfect!

After awhile I started to like all the touch computer or smart phone features and now that iOS allows wireless sync… it stays with me.

It has an app to control the AV Receiver and works well with the other apple products in the house! 

I like the pure music player and storage aspects of the Classic 160GB iPod. It is perfect for travel as it holds many more lossless songs than the 64GB Touch. 

For camping and other temporary listening places, iHome's Battery powered iD9 provides ok audio for many hours on a charge. It is also a great power dock for the iPad or iPods.