Network Stuff

Network needs NAS… Once Gbit network was available in consumer NAS it became ok storage. First was a 2T MyShare that worked well for several years before it had a disk go bad. A Netgear 2T took over for a very short time (it worked ok but I didn't like the interface). This DS411j seemed a sensible upgrade choice at the time.

I had 1 issue with Lion and its new TimeMachine version. It didn't take Synology very long to provide an update.

With NAS you "need" network response time and bandwidths greater than 100BaseT can provide when streaming HD video and having other network activities take place.  

Back when 1000BaseT started to become easily available I tried a few of the low end switches that were ok and did their job. This Cisco SG200-8 switch has a management interface. It is a nice small form factor with just enough ports and found it for considerably less than any other managed switch at the time (mid 2011).

The TV center fills the ports on this Netgear GS105 ProSafe. This choice was based on size power and heat as primary concerns.

The wireless 802.11n quest that I've been on since the beginning ... now goes to Apples 2T Time Capsule. 

Sort of appropriate since most things seem to been switched to Apple. This meets the need for an additional HD storage location, WiFi and more than doubled my wireless bandwidth.

Airport Express … This is an interesting device since it's really portable and allows your own wireless network that is perfect for locations with wired access. Also it can be used to extend your wireless range so you can have a great connection wherever you need it… Patio, bedroom, living room, etc…

WiFi Printer - HP Deskjet 6980 Color Ink-jet printer - 36 ppm - 150 sheets

I got this printer when it first released as I wanted wireless. It has been working great for many years!

Though interesting enough, I'll probably buy a new printer when this last set of ink gets low. Simply because it's been many years and ink is about the same price as buying a new one with more features! My primary target would be that this uses g vs everything else using n. It would be nice to turn off b/g protocols. 

After I stripped extra parts out of my windows tower I have a few extra 1TB disks so I put them in this San Digital TowerRAID TR5UT-B 5-bay enclosure that connects to the Synology NAS to make another NAS destination. This has USB2 and eSATA ports and my current use option is only USB. It does however work just fine as a very slow NAS extension until a TB to eSATA path becomes available. 

It looks like an ExpressCard/34 slot eSATA adapter (old way) will be the first way to run eSATA on TB only Macs. It appears that Sonnet's Echo ExpressCard 34 adapter will make it possible when it ships/releases. 

Disk shelf

Thunderbolt Lacie 480GB SSD, Sonnet ExpressCard Adaptor w/eSATA

The rest of these are now gone

Wireless router and Gbit. Had the former WRT54G some years before this WRT610N. When this one released, it best met what I wanted one to do. It has been great! This showed me how much really better N was. My previous draft 802.11n routers were ok but this one shined in comparison.

A couple links:

The WRT610N is the previous top-of-the-line consumer device from Linksys (replaced with the E3000):

  • Dual-radio (two BCM4322) allows to operate 2.4 Ghz B/G/N and 5 Ghz A/N simultaneously
  • 4+1 port Gigabit switch (BCM53115)
  • v1 300 MHz (BCM4705)
  • USB 2.0 host port
  • 64 MByte RAM, 8 MByte Flash

Hammer MyShare 2x1TB Early Gigabit NAS 

had a disk go bad and I tried a Netgear Stora 2x1TB and didn't like the interface so it didn't stick around very long!

atec g

This DSL router has worked well for many years!