2009 Giant Anthem X

Another Craigslist find… This bike was 26lb to begin with so if I keep it simple it should be nearing 50lb ready to ride I figure…

2009 Giant anthem X (L 20") 4" travel xc bike. RP2 shock, Fox Float RL 100mm fork, Sram X0 twist shifters and rear derailleur, XT crankset and front derailleur. Mavic tubeless wheels, WTB rocket v saddle, specialized captain front tire and small block eight rear. Both tires will be replaced and the front derailleur removed as it won't make the jump to a 52t chainring.

I got the Liteskin apples this time and they really are quite noticeably less weight!

Tires mounted perfect! The kickstand rigged, but functional similar to my last one.

The torque arms only needed minimal grinding to fit. Both needed a back notch to get around the swing arm and the right one about 1/8" cut out to clear the derailleur.

Since I simply never shift when I ride anyhow I'm going to remove the grip shifters.

A 52t chainring arrived direct from Rennen so I think all parts for this bike are now on hand.

The controller gets pretty warm in the bag on a hot day so additional cooling surface was added.

Three sides mostly covered by 20 small peel'n stick heat sinks.

I leave the back corner open a bit to allow airt to flow from the front holes out the back.

Charging continues to happen in the crock-pot. A wood stick props open the lid and should slide if the battery puffs. If the battery catches fire the wires should melt and the lid would then mostly seal off the flame.

Some stats after a short commute