Audio Video

The entertainment center was drawing a full circuit load with everything running and even a couple hundred watts with everything off … wow! … So, the quest to reduce power requirements and downsize the wall of equipment started. HD audio and video battles were just starting to settle down so it was a good time to make the transition.

The entertainment center before was a big wall of black electronics that stuck out over 2 feet into the room. The Sunfire sub stopped working a few months before the transition and nothing from the old electronics would fit into the new cabinet! 

tv wall old

I tried a couple early Blu-Ray players and they were noisy and had serious issues. PS3 became the BD player for awhile as I worked out issues with streaming BD rips to the TV. I found a perfect solution about the time Windows7 released. With the new drivers and OS on the HTPC it produced very near the PS3 video quality, so the PS3 was sold.