Sherwood Newcastle R-772


This was seriously the ONLY choice to hopefully fit 15" depth and do HDMI with Blu-Ray at the time. Sony's release of a promissed receiver is delayed so this became the only option. It was a tight fit because the product measurements didn't include stuff that pokes out like knobs and connectors in the rear. Had to use many right angle adapters to get it to fit in the cabnet.

100 watts per channel for each of the 7 channels; HDMI 1.3 switching; lossless audio decoding; AM/FM tuners with 30 presets; XM radio ready; automatic set-up with supplied microphone; Newcastle’s SNAPTM Room EQ; input renaming; A/V Synch Delay; digital/analog input polling; independent audio and video outputs for Zone 2; RS-232 port for bi-directional control and more.

2 in 1 out HDMI 1.3 switching
Decodes DTS Master Audio HD and Dolby Tru HD PCM via HDMI
DTS-ES Discrete and Matrix
DTS NEO-6 Cinema and Music
Dolby Digital EX
Adjustable Dolby Pro Logic IIx
Digitally Re-Masters PCM input to 96 kHz/ 24-bit
Automatic Format Detection
192 kHz 24-bit DAC's for all channels