Mains and Center Definitive Technology Mythos Ten

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The perfect speaker solution for 50-inch and larger flat panel TVs. Two high-definition Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) 5-1/4 inch drivers pressure-coupled to two 5 x 8 inch racetrack-shaped planar Low-Bass Radiators for a total bass radiating surface greater than that of a 12 inch woofer. A 1 inch (25mm) Ceramic–coated Pure Aluminum dome tweeter with an acoustically contoured faceplate for unequaled high frequency extension, detail and smoothness.

Legendary Mythos® Performance for Large Flat Panel TVs 

The Mythos Ten is the best on-wall model in the critically acclaimed Mythos line of high performance loudspeakers. Mythos Ten is perfectly proportioned to match 50-inch and larger flat panel video displays and is the perfect center channel complement to the astounding Mythos ST SuperTowers® for a truly state-of-the-art home theater system. Through the use of advanced driver and enclosure technologies used in the top-of-the-line award-winning Mythos ST, the Mythos Ten achieves a level of performance never before available in on-wall loudspeakers.

Woofer System

Each Mythos® Ten contains two high-definition 5-1/4 inch drivers (patent pending) that are pressure-coupled to two 5 x 8 inch racetrack-shaped planar Low-Bass Radiators for a total bass radiating surface greater than that of a 12 inch conventional woofer. The result is bass extension and power unheard of in a slim on-wall loudspeaker. The bass roll-off of the Mythos Ten is smooth and controlled, allowing it to seamlessly blend with a powered subwoofer, such as Definitive’s SuperCubes, for audiophile-grade home theater power and precision.

ST tweeter inset

Midrange Drivers

Each Mythos Ten contains a D’Appolito array consisting of two high-definition 5-1/4 inch drivers surrounding a 1inch dome tweeter housed in an acoustically isolated sealed enclosure. The drivers feature Definitive’s patent-pending

Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology that supports the speaker cone at both the inner and outer edges for longer, more linear excursion, greater clarity and finely textured inner detail. The driver baskets are die cast Aluminum.


The two active 5-1/4" drivers surround a new generation Pure Aluminum dome tweeter, the same used in Definitive’s Mythos® ST SuperTowers®. The tweeter’s dome is heat-treated to relax the crystal structure and then coated with a ceramic to produce extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.


Mythos Series enclosures are aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with proprietary damping technologies that ensure total rigidity. All components are mounted on a resonance-free PolyStone baffle. These rock-solid construction technologies along with state-of-the-art drivers and tweeter serve to deliver classic Definitive Technology sound quality: wide soundstage, pinpoint imaging, high dynamic impact, and superb realism.

Surrounds Definitive Technology BP 1.2x

Bipolar dispersion pattern for totally enveloping surround sound. 

High-definition bass/midrange drivers with butyl rubber surrounds, wide-dispersion pure aluminum dome tweeters with magnetic cooling fluid, complex Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks and solid monocoque cabinets with diffraction-less grille/baffle interfaces.

The Bipolar Advantage
Definitives's BP1.2X is a true bipolar system containing two complete full-range speaker systems, one on each side of the cabinet. Bipolar technology is absolutely superior for surround speakers because it combines the performance advantages of direct radiating (imaging, focus, localization, and specificity) and dipolar speakers (spacious, all-enveloping ambience) into one ideal system which is perfect for all multi-channel formats. The BP1.2X’s high-definition sound quality combined with its bipolar radiation pattern results in total immersion in the sound field. 

Bipolar Surrounds are the Easiest to Use
Definitive's bipolar surrounds are designed for easy and unobtrusive placement in your room. Easy-to-use mounting plates are included for wall mounting. Positioning is non-critical; unlike dipolar surrounds, which are limited by their specific sidewall placement requirements, Definitive's bipolars may be located on the sides or rear of the room (or both as in 6.1 and 7.1 channel installations) or on the ceiling. They may be mounted on the rear wall (with their front drivers shooting towards each other and their rear drivers shooting toward the side walls) with excellent results.

Non-Resonant, Low-Diffraction Cabinet Maintains Sonic Purity
The resonant vibration of a loudspeaker's cabinet walls and baffles can also impart coloration. The monocoque cabinets of all Definitive BP surround models are constructed of extremely thick, dense medite with foam damping pads and extensive internal bracing. This virtually eliminates cabinet vibrations and resonance which would otherwise interfere with the pure sound produced by Definitive's high-definition drivers.

Definitive's High-Definition Drivers are an Engineering Marvel
The BP1.2X features two 4-1/2 inch high-definition bass/midrange drivers for significant performance advantages in the areas of bass reproduction, lifelike midrange clarity and dynamic range. These sophisticated drivers are engineering marvels which incorporate deeply drawn mineral-filled polymer cones, combined with butyl rubber dust caps and surrounds, high temperature vented voice coils and massive magnet structures. This combination of features assures high definition, superb transient response, high efficiency, high power handling and extended linear response.

Definitive's Moving-Coil Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeters
The accuracy of high frequency reproduction really sets apart a great loudspeaker. The magnetic fluid-cooled moving-coil pure aluminum dome tweeters Definitive developed for the bipolar SuperTowers are of a unique design that brings together the performance advantages of metal domes (greater clarity) and soft domes (smoother sound and better dampening) in one state-of-the-art tweeter design.

The pure aluminum dome is specially annealed (to "relax" the crystal structure) and acoustically loaded by a precisely configured acoustic phase plug/lens (to assure perfectly controlled, absolutely linear movement). The tweeter’s voice coil sits in ferro-magnetic colloidal fluid which serves to cool the voice coil for exceptional power handling and also damps the system for smoother response and sonic accuracy. In addition, the unique silk surround provides better dampening and wave termination. The audible benefits of all this highly advanced engineering include velvety smooth extended high frequency response (beyond 30 kHz), greatly reduced distortion, improved transient response, notably higher definition and crystal clear life-like clarity.

  • Dimensions | (Metric) :9-3/16" W x 5-15/16" D x 10-1/2" H | 23.3 x 15.1 x 26.7 cm
  • Driver Complement :Two 4-1/2 inch high resolution bass/midrange drivers; Two 1 inch ferromagnetic fluid damped moving coil pure aluminum dome tweeters
  • Frequency Response :52 Hz – 30 kHz.
  • Impedance :Compatible with 8 Ohm outputs
  • Sensitivity :90 dB
  • Recommended Associated Amplifier Power :10 – 125 watts.
  • A/V Receiver Crossover Setting :100 Hz
  • Inputs :One pair of 5 way binding posts
  • Weight | (Metric) :9 lbs | 8.6 kg
  • Warranty :5 Years

Subwoofer SVS SB12-Plus (Oak)

  • Frequency response 22Hz-150Hz +/- 3dB. 
  • Power handling: 450 watts RMS continuous. 
  • Crossover - Low Pass continuously variable from 40Hz-120Hz. High Pass - Low level inputs: 80Hz - High level inputs: 100Hz. The Crossover adjustment determines the point at which frequencies are reproduced by the subwoofer and which frequencies are discarded or sent to the other speakers in the home theater system. In addition, if your receiver has its own internal subwoofer crossover control, you can disable the control on the subwoofer. This allows the subwoofer to opt for the LFE frequencies that are being sent from the receiver, without further modification.
  • The Subwoofer cone is 12-inches in diameter.
  • The SB12-Plus is continuously Phase variable from 0-180 degrees. This is used to match the in-out motion of the subwoofer speaker to the in-out motion of the rest of the speakers in a home theater system.
  • Enclosure type Sealed/Acoustic Suspension - Front 12-inch Firing-firing main Driver.
  • Input/Output connections - Two line level/RCA phono jacks, Two line level XLR jacks, and two sets of stereo high level speaker in/out terminals.
  • Adjustment Controls
    • Gain: volume. 
    • Phase: Phase matches the in/out subwoofer driver motion to the satellite speakers. This control is continuously variable. 
    • Crossover: The crossover control sets the point at which you want the subwoofer to produce low frequency sounds, against the ability of the satellite speakers to reproduce low frequency sounds. This control is defeatable if using the subwoofer crossover control on a Receiver.
    • Auto-On: This function detects when audio signals are present, thus activating the subwoofer amplifier. 
    • PEQ (Parametric Equalizer): This function can adjust for the response characteristics of a room. This function is defeatable if not desired or needed. 
    • Room size Compensation: This control helps determine the lowest frequencies that can be produced accurately in a specific size room. 
  • Dimensions - 13.5 inches H x 13.5 inches W x 13.5-inches D (w/o Grill) 14.5 Inches D with Grill
  • Weight 40 lbs.