1983 Brougham

This Class B/C motorhome would have been called a 24' something as it was 23.5' long. 

The discovery cruiser!

After a few early issues it's been very reliable and runs great! It is the smoothest driving and riding RV we've ever driven or ridden in. Wind has almost no effect ... just shy of amazing. 

We've sunk more money into this than would ever hope to get out of it! Though more power and higher top speed is simply needed. The 65mph topped out speed is just a touch slow for freeway and steep hills with ATV trailer is just too much for the drivetrain to handle. Not being able to go uphill any further presented a few predicaments. 

Cost of putting the motor and tranny I wanted was more than this rig would ever be worth. It also needed to be lifted a couple inches and different gears in the rear. 

Stuff Done to it

  • Complete new style AC - everything but the inside venting!
  • All new brakes, rotors, pretty much everything at the 4 wheels
  • All new ignition components including distributor.
  • Full carb rebuild & New fuel pump etc...
  • Radiator complete flush & check
  • New refrigerator
  • New windshield wiper pump
  • Fantastic fan with rain sensor
  • All shell body seam caulking removed and redone
  • New deep cycle battery
  • New porcelain toilet with sprayer
  • Winterization bypass valve kits (1 gallon now)
  • CD player, tuner, XM, and remote. Plus 4 nice speakers. ($450)

Vandura 3500 GMC Chassis
Big 4K generator w/111hrs
Stove & Oven look new
Sold it with 51,000 miles

Separate shower and toilet rooms was nice and hard to find in this type of rig. It also had excellent storage for this style of RV