2006 Weekend Warrior Super-Lite FK2100 Toy Hauler (TH)

The perfect cabin for toys

All options except screen room and something new this year it is a 

small piece of diamond plate around the lower rear vents.

All gear loaded for camping and 1 of the 50 gallon tanks full weighs in at 7100lb.


Electrical convenience updates!

Eliminate the generator receptacle plug-in with automatic power transfer

Went out to put in the IQ smart charger ... that little silver box on the back wall.
Wasn't planning on doing the ATS panel just yet ... but I did it ... I guess then was as good a time as any!

First I relocated the AC power panel to make room for the ATS box.

  • The standup block it was mounted to is just stapled down ... and it pulled out with a bit of coaxing.
  • There is a ground wire through the bottom that prevented the box from going flush with the side wall.
  • So, I just popped a piece of plywood behind as spacing and screws through for the bottom mount.
  • The top screw tightened just enough to hold without pulling tight to the wall.
  • It is more solid than that odd factory mount for sure!

The old way was plug and unplug into the 30A input plug for generator or shore power.  Buttoned down the hatches and gave it a test ...  Auto switches power sources ... good to go! Works excellent!

I also tested the smart charger! Verified it switches from a fast to trickle as it should. It started off at the upper 14v range. Awhile later it had dropped to 13.5v for trickle.

  • Pulled the generator AC power output box
  • positioned the ATS box with a hole drilled to match the existing cable hole.
  • I cut the power cable close to the power panel maybe 12". 
    Stripped back the shielding and discovered the green ground wire wouldn't reach the ground block!
    So I used the ground splice from the generator plug box and soldered it on the end (shrink wrapped).
  • Cut the other end of the power cable for a shortened 3-4' pigtail.
    The length is such that it doesn't quite hit the ground when draped out of the box.
  • Stuck crimp rings on all the ends except the ground wires and screwed them down.
    The diagram or instructions is a sticker on the inside of the ATS box top cover.
  • All the black wires go to one side with white ones on the other side. Quite easy!
  • Wired it all up!

Winterization bypass kits

Hot Water Heater & Intake pump 

Less than 1/2 gal to winterize!

Built & Added shelves to 2 cabinets
greatly increased kitchen storage.

Can easily be removed if desired.

Paper Towel holder and some other hook hardware that closely matches the factory hardware finish

Fuel Station Nozzle Covers

This works great for ensuring a clean fill-up.

Flipped axels ... or more correctly … A spring over conversion for about 5-6" height increase.

This thing had huge fresh water storage with dual belly tanks

Electric Jack Atwood 3500 HD - This was just too easy to install! 3 bolts and 1 wire! This thing moves way faster than what I could ever do by hand!